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“Got something on your mind? Chances are nothing will come of it. Move it to your heart…that’s where the magic happens” – Farah Siddiqui


 breakthrough3 Hour Breakthrough Intensive. You & Me.

What’s holding you back? What’s the root cause? What are your values and are you in alignment? What kind of patterns do you play out in your relationships? Which beliefs and stories are running the show? Who are you?

Time to address the stuff buried deep, acknowledge and repattern for a new way of being. A refreshing and powerful breakthrough, you will get back to the true and real you, bold, courageous, unstoppable, happy. Let’s do this. Buy here:


transformational coaching90 Days Transformational Weekly Coaching. One to One

For a more ongoing progression and development, the 12 sessions over 3 months are designed to get to implement change. We will discuss what is keeping you stuck. Whether it’s food, your relationship, your purpose or business, your emotional wellbeing, together we have 90 days together on a weekle ongoing basis to get those shifts happening. Business strategy, getting going online, money blocks, this is Transformational Coaching. Imagine what you could achieve in 90 days. You in? Buy here:


workshopOne Day Workshop

In a small group setting, experience a full live day of Mindset, Magic and Money. A practical, fun and insightful day, designed to get you moving towards the money vehicle you are most suited to and where you can stretch and grow and profit, discovering how you play out strategies in your relationships, and get through the blocks, stories and old beliefs which keep you stuck. There’s a lot to get through, lots of tough love, bringing out the genius in you. A unique blend of business & life. To be notified for the next available dates, click here.


Not sure which option is right for you? Contact me for a complimentary Discovery Call. You’re welcome!

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