Who is Farah Siddiqui

I love to help others succeed. From an established professional career as a high school Maths teacher, making the difficult easy, solving problems, overcoming limiting beliefs, perseverance and seeing things differently, all translated well, when I made a career decision to train as a mindset coach. I trained as a trainer in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), hypnosis, neurosciences and coaching and took the leap to leave formal education for enrepreneurship, investing and business.

I have been trained and mentored by some of the best business minds, entrepreneurs and coaches in the world today, in the fields of health, money, mindset, energy, leadership, marketing, coaching, business, and relationships. I continue to invest in myself, in leadership and in innovation; bringing the best part of £100,000 invested in knowledge, systems and skills, over the years, directly to you, my clients, tribe and teams. Here are just some of the people I have met and learned from and spent time with, all over the world.

I love to learn, make a difference and challenge myself. Freefall parachuting, climbing the Great Wall of China, the Edinburgh moonwalk marathon, volunteer teaching in Bali, my teaching career, international public speaking and pilgrimage are just some of the achievements to date I am proud of. Being able to work location independent, is a real mark of freedom for me, and as well as the UK being home, I have lived in the luxury of Abu Dhabi and in the vibrant, pretty city of Brisbane, Australia. I’m a loving aunt, wife and a good friend. I’m an improving portrait artist, singer and swimmer, make up/beauty obsessive, raw food enthusiast, and maths geek :)

I’m delighted to have you join me. I have so much to share! Make sure you connect with me via the social media. I look forward to getting to know you! xxx

Wow! With billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson in Sydney



Marie Diamond, Feng Shui expert and Law of Attraction teacher, featured in the movie and book phenomenon ‘The Secret’

Sharon Lechter, co-author of the classic financial education bestseller 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' in Las Vegas

Sharon Lechter, co-author of the classic financial education bestseller ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ in Las Vegas











Long term mentor, business and cpeak oerformance oaching expert Anthony Robbins


Dr Bruce Lipton, author, recognised leader in stem cell biology and epigenetics

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With Tim Ferris, author of the classic bestseller “The 4 Hour Work Week, in Australia


Coached personally by Jairek Robbins, world class coach, speaker and author


Exclusive mentoring with business tycoon Michelle Mone MBE, at her private, luxury London penthouse











Dr John Gray, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ best selling author and relationship coach











The Juicemaster- Jason Vale, in Turkey

Masterminding in Dubai with 6-9 figure Internet marketing millionaires

Masterminding in Dubai with 6-9 figure Internet marketing millionaires, (and a real Prince!)


Online Business Masterminding on the Beaches of the Bahamas