Who is Farah Siddiqui

91524farsid031spInternationally trained by some of the world’s greatest teachers and coaches in Personal Development, Farah is passionate about living a life of Fulfilment and Success and helping others do the same.

First and foremost, Farah has spent her  working life as a Teacher, Coach and Trainer.

The secret to success in anything is Education.

Robert Kiyosaki says “Education is the new currency”.

However, simply knowing stuff, is of no use! It is about Application and Action.

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You may have heard the saying ‘Knowledge is Power’?  Well I would add ‘Knowledge with Action is Power’.

It’s not just about learning, it is about doing; creating success habits and having greater confidence, self love and self belief to learn, live and love a fulfilled life.

Masters of anything were once students too. Life is both our classroom and playground.

Very often, the learning part is the easy part. It’s the Action part, the Application part, where so many falter and give up. This, though, is where the secret to success lies..

Born in England to first generation immigrants, Farah’s parents made the life changing decision to move to England in the 1950s. Her father showed entrepeneurial flair as a property landlord and retail business owner. Her mother qualifed as a teacher, and taught until retirement, with a career break to bring up five children.

They had big dreams for all their children and understood the value of Education. Farah’s route was Grammar school, University and Teacher Training and a 12 year full-time career as a teacher, manager, mentor and leader in UK state schools followed.Classroom

Variety, making a difference and fulfilment are some of the reasons people become teachers and whilst all these held true for Farah, becoming involved in Personal Development made her re-evaluate her purpose and take a look at what she had been holding back on and take things forward, far beyond anything she had done before.

Farah made a conscious decision to leave conventional education and learn as much as she could from the greatest teachers in the field of Personal Development, financial education, business and marketing and experience the kind of education mainstream conventional schools sadly don’t teach.

Before leaving full-time education, she put her Neuro-Linguistics training to use with classes of  up to 30 teenagers expecting ‘traditional’ Maths lessons. She used her advanced communication skills when working with senior professionals, when mentoring beginner teachers, in casual conversations in the staff room with stressed, over-worked, uninspired colleagues as well as in her personal relationships.

The shifts and changes were profound.

A Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, she has coached countless individuals and presented trainings internationally.

The specialist skills and certifications she acquired in coaching, human engineering, neuro-sciences, and relationship mastery include hypnosis, EFT, huna and the discipline rapidly being recognised as life changing, NLP.

As a practitioner and coach, understanding human behaviour, breaking patterns and shifting mindset all impacted on every area of her life. She was able to adapt this learning in business, in sales and marketing, health, relationships and inspiring others.Group7

Once labeled as shy, and finding it easier to blend into the background, now she shares her learnings internationally, continually growing, adapting and stretching. Having a Coach was the most important gift she ever received and this inspired her to empower others in the same way.

Relationships have blossomed and after finally understanding the secrets to successful relatinships, she is now very happily married to Alexander and has built a close relationship with her whole  family.

Energy levels and fitness have soared and always quite adventurous andCIMG0172 ready to have a go; along with a free-fall skydive, scuba diving, horse-riding, walking on a bed of burning coal, unable to swim yet swimming with dolphins and many charity runs, at aged 40 Farah completed her first Marathon, the Edinburgh Moonwalk, an overnight challenge; a massive personal achievement.

A keen business woman, Farah is also a skilled property investor and consultant. Her interest started at the age of 18, flicking through the local property pages, dreaming of the lifestyle property owners of grand houses by the river must live, and this planted a seed in her head to one day, find out.me in dubai 001

Investing since 1996, Farah is still an active  in the property business today, with interests in the UK and International markets. She is passionate about learning and teaching the psychology of wealth and success and what it takes to have an exceptional lifestyle and what the wealthy do to start, grow and maintain their investments. Her dream of living by the river has, in fact evolved to overlooking the Arabian Gulf and is now no longer a dream but a reality.

Curiously and not entirely coincidental, some 10 years before discovering NLP, Farah completed a Masters degree in Operational Research, which, put simply, can be described as ‘ the science, some would say art, of mastering the benefits a business receives from its available resources’.

Problem solving, essentially, or Solution Generating.

A parallel, in many ways to NLP and any kind of business interest. If one replaces the word ‘business’ with ‘individual’, a description of NLP could be: ‘the science, some would say art, of mastering the benefits an individual receives from its available resources’.

In a rapidly changing technological and materialistic society and in an unprecedented economic climate, Farah also believes teaching our youngsters about money, relationships and mindset can never start early enough.

An accredited trainer for a leading international education company and for private and publically funded projects, she delivers personal development workshops for teenagers, giving them tools and techniques she has learned with bonus NLP content they are totally raving about!

Charity, contribution, gratitude and giving back has always played a major part in Farah’s life growing up. She completed the Hajj pigrimage in January 2006 and is active with numerous charities and volunteer organisations in the UK and internationally,. Charities involved with building schools, educating children and mothers particularly touch her heart.

Farah says: “I love what I do! Helping people to create awareness, then change in their relationship with themselves, others, their health and with money is such an honour; very humbling & fulfiling and gives me the gift to grow & learn something about myself and our world everytime. Raise your energy, get active, have an attitude of gratitude & abundance, create better success habits and keep learning. Add value, make a difference, multiply the rewards share the visionTM

Farah Siddiqui’s Credentials:

Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Master Practitioner of Time-Line TherapyTM
Master Practitioner of NLP
MSc Operational Research
Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Farah Siddiqui is a full member of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic  Programming (ABNLP), the British Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (BBNLP) and the Time-LineTM Therapy Association. Farah is also a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).

By booking a workshop, training or being personally coached by Farah, you too could now take your life onto the next level.

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