You want things to change. You’re just not sure where to begin. You’ve tried many courses, self help books but are frustrated, stuck and are looking for an experienced coach, using head and heart,  who can listen to you and guide you back on track, or help you create a new, more fulfilling track.

You’re committed to changing some areas of your life, which are currently causing stress, confusion, unhappiness or conflict. Business Coaching with a Personal twist, or vice versa. Relationships, Money, Health all impact on success in your business and entrepreneurial ventures.  When you feel stuck, procrastination, distraction and low self esteem can get you down. Stuff happens, we lose ourself, we wonder if what we enjoy or are good at will ever make us any money. We forget what gives us joy. I’ve been there too.

Maybe you believe you can’t be really successful. Or success takes a lot of effort, time, money and skill you believe you don’t have, or it’s really not good enough to put out there. Do feelings of worth pop up and you put up with how things are for far too long, or do things have to be perfect before you can get going? Do you self sabotage when things start going your way? Or do you resign yourself to thinking that’s just the way it is.

There is a way to get through all this! And be in the flow, we so often hear about. Let’s get you believing in yourself again, discover your zone of genius, get fired up and be ready to shine your light, even if it’s one ray at a time, and actually get the results, fulfilment and flow you are after.

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them“.    Albert Einstein

Here’s how I can help you:

We know anyone or anything can change.. Change isn’t easy, though, no matter what you have heard. Transformation, however, is. It just takes a process, where heart and mind and magic are working together.

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 When life is good, we’re in our head, it’s mostly all theory. When the stuff hits the fan, our heart aches. There is pain. It’s very real. Theory, just do it and changing your state alone, doesn’t cut it. This is where a skilled and experienced coach, with compassion, can get you heading where you want to be.

 I’m delighted you’ve found me. Stay tuned to read my regular blogs and videos, full of insightful content you can enjoy, apply and share. I would love to read your comments and get to know you.

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image showing Mindset, Magic and Money Coach Farah SiddiquiI look forward to hearing your success stories on rediscovering your self esteem, making more money, losing fat, gaining confidence to take your life to the next level and living life on your terms.

To your success,

Your Coach,

Farah Siddiqui

NLP trainer, Speaker, Coach, Teacher, Hypnotherapist

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